Practical and Fun Texts

Ten real life stories written in Chinese characters and pinyin with vocabulary from HSK 1-3. 

The texts cover an interesting range of topics to keep you engaged with your learning.

In-depth Explanations

In-depth, clear but simple explanations on how basic Chinese grammar works with the sentences from the articles.

You will understand every single point and be able to use the sentence structures in conversation.

Plenty of Examples

The examples are relevant to real-life situations. You will find it easy to integrate your practice into your daily life, making you learn more efficiently.

This course is closed for enrollment.


Review of the basic grammar structures with more examples - I will make the effort to reinforce your memory.


Exercises that can make sure you are familiar with the grammar structures.

The exercises provide a foundation for you to practice making your own sentences, and to practice writing your own stories using the structures taught throughout the course.


Flashcard sets of words that are above HSK3 level in each lesson.

Some words that are relevant to real-life but are not included in HSK1-3 vocabulary will be added to the flashcard sets.

This course is closed for enrollment.